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It’s the roamantics’ birthday! It’s hard to believe it was two full years ago that I leapt out of bed in the middle of the night and purchased the domain that would turn into this site…but not right away. The best of intentions turned into three short posts the following week to family and friends during a trip to Vietnam, and then…silence. But then one year ago, on July 14, 2010, I started blogging regularly, through what’s been a hugely transformative year in my life and the life of this blog.

So when Mike and Lucy from 1000 Places to Fight Before You Die nominated me to participate in Tripbase’s My 7 Links project, I thought it would be a great way to celebrate the past year and highlight some older posts that new readers may have missed.

Tripbase asks each blogger who participates, to provide a link to a post for each of seven categories they’ve chosen. I’m mixing it up just a little by changing the order I list them in, so that readers will travel through these posts in chronological order, getting little snippets of this year of my life and blog as things happened. Just click on the post titles below to read each.

So since it’s a birthday party, let’s get the party started with a post about my birthday suit shall we?

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

First Nude Solo Getaway- Conquering a Fear

I had this experience during the one-month separation leading up to my split with my partner of ten years, and I’ll be writing more on this in future posts. I felt this one could have received a little more “exposure” don’t you? ;)

Your most helpful post

How to get a Good, Safe Tattoo Abroad

My ex and I took a trip to Rarotonga in September and it inspired me to write this detailed how-to. I’m proud to call it a must-read for anyone considering ink.

A post whose success surprised you

Out of the Mouths of Babes: Travel Lessons

There’s a saying that goes “No man is a friend, no man is an enemy, every man is a teacher.” I learned a few things from some tiny “men” in my life during my separation, and it was a hit.

Your most beautiful post

Squatting in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Having just split, this post was a birthday tribute to a happier birthday past. I chose it as most beautiful for the sentiment, the writing, and the photos.

The post that you are most proud of

And Then There Was One

I’m most proud of this post on so many levels. First, I’m proud that I had the courage to change the course of my life after ten years when I was deeply enmeshed but it wasn’t working anymore. Second, I started this blog because I wanted to get over my intense fear of putting my solo creativity on display, as I’d avoided doing so by being a creative collaborator my whole life. With this post, I took my boldest creative leap ever (to me) at the most emotionally difficult time possible. I’m proud of that! Third, I’m proud of the blogging community & readers for demonstrating what incredibly supportive, compassionate, thoughtful, inspirational, and kind people you are through the comments on it. So glad to be among you!

Your most popular post

Cute + Green = Creen! Buying a Creen House on Wheels

Newly single, I cooked up a plan for my first big solo adventure, an epic road trip with an eco-minded, minimalist twist… and the support for my tiny new life was huge!

Your most controversial post

The Vancouver Riot- Thoughts and Photos

I don’t really write extremely controversial posts, but on my first stop on my road trip, I experienced a massive riot that had me reflecting on how negative experiences can color our perceptions of places. For some the riot did that, for me…

It was quite a year. I learned how to tweet, to make a blog, endured a breakup of a long-term marriage, made genuine friends, learned from, got inspired by and processed through this blog, received and offered support, overcame enormous fears through it, sold everything, made a new home on wheels, and now I’ve started sharing my biggest dreams in life- I’ve taken off to travel indefinitely with this blog. I can’t wait to see what roam antics this year holds and I really hope you’ll stick around to find out as I do. We’re just getting started! Now let’s eat some cake while these awesome bloggers I’m nominating put together their 7 links. Cheers and Thanks so much!


One Step 4ward

35 Summers

A Cruising Couple

Quirky Travel Guy

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  1. You should credit me for getting you to post more photos of yourself! I like all of these because in many of them, like I did in my 7 links and in my posts, you were vulnerable and honest and I think people can connect with that. As for your most controversial one, I definitely saw that one and could relate to it. I liked you that you got exposed on that one! :)

    • thanks jeremy! and I DO credit you- REALLY! ayngelina told me in vancouver that before i started posting photos she thought i might be ugly (LOL) and i told her you convinced me i needed to post photos of myself. all you mister! lol. i think with my most proud post i really gave myself a gift of freedom in that it’s been easier to be vulnerable here (sincerely so) since. fear overcome! :D well, almost, i still tremble a little sometimes as i hit publish. glad you could relate to those posts. i know you dig the nudie stuff mister, what month was it again, calendar boy? ;) seriously though jeremy- thanks for all your support. i really mean it :)

      • Actually, to say I dig the nudie stuff is a misconception. I’ve done it just once – on that beach in Portugal. Would I do it again? Sure but remember it took me over 2 hours to get the courage. You are the one that just dropped your drawers and went for it! :)

        So glad you posted the photos. On a serious note, name and face recognition could be the biggest market tools you have. Remember the note of encouragement you got left on your RV? How did someone know it was you? The photos you posted of it on your blog. Don’t discount showing your face – it’s why mine is always on every page in the side bar. Does it work? I don’t know but I think it is part of your brand recognition.

        • you are so right jeremy! and also, arguably we read blogs for the people not just the info and my voice is so distinct and personal here, that i can see how it would be a little disconcerting even to never see any photos of me. agree on all points and will incorporate that into the tiny blog revamp i have planned to coincide with this new year for “us” (me & the roamantics) thanks! :)

  2. Happy blogiversary! And I’m so glad you decided to participate in the 7 links project – it’s always so much fun discovering some posts that were before my time here. :)

  3. You have definitely had quite a year. I really appreciate the honesty of your posts. Very inspiring and enjoyable to read.

    • thanks so much stephanie! i DEFINITELY appreciate your support and the feeling is totally mutual :)

  4. Happy Anniversary, Lorna! What a year — thanks for sharing it with us in your excellent posts. Here’s to adventures to come!

    • thanks so much cathy! you’ve been there from the very beginning and i’m so grateful for that! we’re growing together- love it! :)

  5. Happy 2 year anniversary! Here’s to many more to come. :) Great selections of posts to share again too!

    • thanks michael! yes! let it be so! thanks for being there to read them the first time around! SO appreciate it! :)

  6. Great links- so glad I found your blog. Looking forward to more adventures!

    • thanks so much erik! really appreciate your support and wonderful RTs on twitter! grateful for this comment and so happy to connect! :)

  7. Great choices! The nude solo getaway is a fun read. “Liberating” is the world that always comes up whenever people talk about a nude beach or naked bike ride. Thanks for the nomination – I’m actually skipping the 7 links project, as I’m working on a similar anniversary retrospective post at the moment.

    • thanks scott! true- liberating is probably a cliché right?! lol. oh! too bad you’re skipping, but glad you’re going to be showcasing some stuff from your archives. i’ll look forward to reading it! :)

  8. I agree your tattoo post is very helpful! I’m not in the market for a tattoo but if I ever am, I know exactly where to go, to make sure I’m doing things right :) We don’t yet have kids but your “out of the mouth of babes: travel lesson” is definitely an encouraging sign that we don’t have to lose our “travel and adventure lifestyle” just because we have kids. Thanks for sharing!

    • thanks so much jeremy! really appreciate your reading & giving such kind remarks on both posts! totally agree on the kids- I’M grateful to know some little ones that make me feel like when i get there (kids) i can still be adventurous, spontaneous, and travel! :)

  9. Happy Birthday, The Romantics! Great list. I absolutely love your blog, Lorna.

  10. GOOD LORD that is quite the year! Happy blog birthday Lorna! I feel so lucky that you have been there to enrich my life – not only through being a friend but through your amazing blog. We need to have a chat session soon! <3

    • aw erica! thanks so much! :) i feel the very same way about you and over yonderlust and can’t wait to hear what goodness you’re cooking up for your future. <3

  11. Great round up, I loved your squatting in Cambodia post as well and your post on “And Then There Was One” was incredibly courageous and gave us a glimpse into your life.

    • thanks laurel! so great to get this encouragement- thanks for all your support in this year! i really appreciate it so much :)

  12. Great selection of links, happy birthday! :)

  13. How fun, I share my birthday with your blog!! Happy blog birthday! It was really great meeting and chatting with you at TBEX. You’ve shared some lovely posts here and I look forward to reading those yet to come!

    • thanks kymri! and happy happy real birthday!!! really loved meeting you at TBEX too and hope to again! thanks so much for your kind words :)

  14. Lovely post. And it’s kind of cool to discover that I’m not the only blogger who got up in the middle of the night to register their domain name…(Although, admittedly, yours is much better.)

    Happy birthday!

    • thanks so much abi! haha wow! you too on the late night uh-huh moment! love that. and yours is fab & perfect for you! thanks for the support & cheer! really appreciate it :)

  15. Happy 1 year darling!!! What a year it’s been. I loved your “And Then There Was One” post. It was one of the most honest posts I’ve ever read and it’s incredible that you had the courage to post it. Can’t wait to see what this next year holds for you. Much love!

    • thanks so much andy! can’t tell you how much your support meant this year- it was HUGE for me :) thanks so much for the well-wishes and love. cheers to this year including us meeting up at some point! love back! :)

  16. I loved all of these posts but I agree the nudist camp should definitely get more attention!

    • thanks ayngelina! i remember how it cracked me up that you retweeted it with “PHOTOS???” back when ha ha, so i added some for this…sort of! ;) thanks so much for all your support this year and for being a real friend! :)

  17. Tattoos, divorces, nakedness?!? You’re a one-woman soap opera! And I LOVE it!! I am putting these 7 links on my “to do” list — internet in these here parts is slow and tedious. Congrats on the anniversary!!

    • thanks so much raymond! hahaha! i really don’t mean to be drama! oh, but you forgot riots ;) thanks for your support :)

  18. Happy Blog-iversary =) And many more…

  19. Happy Blogiversary Lorna!! I’m glad your blog reached this milestone, and what a transformative year you had. I’ve read all your posts listed, except the nude beach one (which I will read now!). I love the idea of listing them in chronological order as people who have followed your site for some time already can see the huge transformation behind your posts.

    Cheers on your success, and I wish you many more positive transformation now that you’re on the road!
    Besos! :)

    • aw norbert muchas gracias y un beso para ti tambien! i’m so glad it reached this milestone too!!! i cannot believe all that i’ve learned about myself, learned about others, how much i’ve grown, become bolder. i adore having this and everyone i’ve met through it (you!) in my life and i hope to keep it that way for a long time. SO appreciate your kind words and all your support over this year. and can’t wait to see you in new york! :)

  20. Lorna,
    You have had a very eventful year and while it’s scary in the beginning, you eventually get to that place where things begin to make sense again. You are a strong woman and I’m so happy to know you. You are one of the most positive people that I’ve met on the interwebs and hopefully we will get to meet in person one of these days. Happy Blog-iversary!

    • thanks so much for these kind, encouraging words renee! the feelings are totally mutual! thanks for all your support this year. :) i would absolutely love to meet in person! i am driving around the country now, so that is a real option too! :)

  21. OK… This 7 Links Project is awesome. As I was reading this, I saw the “Out of the Mouths of Babes” post referenced and thought how in the hell did I miss that when it came out. So, I am heading over there now to see what I missed.

    Congrats on the anniversary. So glad to be able to share the journey.

    • thanks kent! i’m so glad to share the journey with you both as well. so wonderful to cheer each other on! awesome that you’re checking out the missed post! :)

  22. Nice to see your post up! I, like everyone, like the nudie one.

    But where are the pictures? ;-)

    Hope your trip is going well!

    • thanks matt! lol! i like the nudie one myself and am quite inspired to do it again soon! ;) ha ha on the pics- that’s the first thing ayngelina asked me too! i have pervy friends ha ha. :) loving the trip- best decision ever! still at the lake? sounds amazing! even the mishaps :)

  23. I’m obviously too late to the party! Happy blog birthday! The love shack and creen post are my faves. I am definitely waiting in anticipation to see you and the chinook on the road. Where are you now?

    PS I also liked the life and travel lessons from your mom post.

    • thanks so much grace! on a recommendation from a fellow solo female traveler, i’m not posting in real time. can’t be too safe when you’re living in a clearly identifiable vehicle! so appreciate the support and so nice that you have faves. my mom post is a dear one to me too :)

  24. Did you purchase the domain in the middle of the night as well? Funny :D Good choice of the links!

  25. Just wondering. . . are you off on one of your round-the-world adventures? Missing your posts. LG

    • thanks so much LG! i am off on an adventure, and working on a post now! :) it’s so incredibly wonderful to get this note- i can’t tell you how much i appreciate it! look for something new in the next couple of days! :)

  26. Having just discovered your blog, this post is really helpful in going back to posts I’ve missed in the past but clearly mean a lot to you. :)

    • thanks so much ceri!!! welcome! really appreciate you checking out my site and connecting in this way. nice to *meet* you! :)

  27. Thanks for the brilliant article. I have spent the last hour following links and finding lots of great people to connect with.

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR WEBSITE!!! How cute! It does feel really rewarding when a blog has a birthday. You can’t help but look back on everything that you’ve done and all of the adventures that were documented. My blog just turned two, and for it’s second birthday, it went through a little rebranding. It’s like my brain baby is all grown up :)

  29. Hey. You still traveling? Would have been your 4th year by now if I’m not mistaken.


  30. It’s nice to celebrate milestones like these! Makes you realize how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished! Good luck!

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