We stayed in Ho Chi Minh City a day longer than we would have liked (3), but then took a 5 hr. bus ride from there to Mui Ne- a beautiful beach town with a white sandy beach. In these 4.5 days we’ve parked our butts in lawn chairs under coconut palms, swam in the China Sea,

watched kite sailors decorate the sky with colorful kites, ate plenty of the catch- of -the- day from the fishing village, went sledding    down beautiful red sand dunes, visited white sand dunes & a lotus-filled lake, and rode the first tram in Viet nam up Tu Ca mountain to see the 49 meter reclining Buddha. Taking buses and riding motorbikes has enabled us to use the sites as a way to see so much of what is in between…which is sometimes better than the sites themselves (journey v. destination).

We’re 10 minutes away from another journey- taking the bus 5 hrs. from here to Nha Trang, another city with one of Vietnam’s best beaches.

This trip started like so many others; with rounds of “where do you want to go?” followed by searches for cheap tickets and “best beach” google images. We’d had Vietnam in mind as a must see place since we’d been in Thailand and Cambodia in 2003/2004. So many of the travelers we’d met on that trip had been there and sung the praises of it’s food, beaches, architecture, and people.

Since then we got married, bought a house, started new careers, and traveled to Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and lots of U.S. spots like New Orleans, Chicago, New York, West Palm Beach, Scottsdale, Houston, Columbus, Dayton, up and down California, and Lorna even went on a veggie-oil fueled van adventure from Oakland to Austin with video camera in-hand.

Life has certainly not been short on adventure, but still, lately we’ve been getting that wanderlust again- the kind that will only be satisfied by buying a plane ticket to a faraway beautiful place in which we know no-one, and figuring out the rest when we get there- from moment to moment.

So, having dilly-dallied enough, we set out on Monday morning to see if we could get visas to Vietnam by the time our vacation started this Thursday evening…and we did. Miraculously, tickets were cheaper last minute than they usually are in advance, and Vietnam was cheaper than just about anywhere, which is not usually the case. There is something so exhilarating about booking a trip on Monday that you’ll take on Thursday, and leaving the rest up to whimsy. Stay tuned…

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