If you read my last post, you know that I recently downsized my life to a partially filled 4x3x4 foot locker and am now living in a 5×9 foot RV. You know that the way there was not easy, and that I’m fortunate to have had the help of amazing loved ones.

But I also drew a lot of support from you- my readers here. As I’m sure you understand, getting affirmation when you make steps toward your dreams is a huge boost on the best of days, and on the worst, may be just what you need to keep making those steps.

One unique bit of affirmation came on the first day of selling my things, when my friend Natalie and I brought my vintage clothing to Mercy Vintage. I was nervous to make this step- it made everything I’d talked about doing REAL. I was actually going through with this idea of mine, and BLOGGING about it. I found a parking space right in front of the store, but the parking meter wasn’t working. I took a chance and parked there anyway. I felt really relieved when the first pile of clothing was gone and I was leaving the store with a nice chunk of change. Walking back to the Chinook, Natalie said “Oh, there’s something on your windshield!” To which I replied “Crap! I got a ticket!” but she countered, “No, it looks like a note!” I grabbed the note and read it aloud-

the note is unaltered, but i digitally removed a bank logo from the envelope

We looked at each other with eyes wide and jaws dropped, and then excitedly talked over each other in a flurry of “Oh my God!” “Holy Cow!” “That’s so awesome!” “Are you freakin’ kidding me?!” “He recognized the Chinook from my blog post photos?!” “Okay, which one of my friends is fucking with me?!” “No Lorna, they wouldn’t do that, it’s real!” “I wish he left an email or something to thank him!”

It was the most amazing feeling, and such a perfectly timed and played gesture, unbeknownst to the person giving it. I was overwhelmed by the project at hand (getting rid of EVERYTHING), by the thought of the anniversary I wouldn’t be celebrating coinciding with my yard sale just two days away, by self-doubt over what I was choosing to do with my life (the self-doubt being a reflection of some recent criticism by others, not of my instincts), and I was feeling the weight of months of stress and enormous change.

In what certainly took less than a minute of Dave’s life, he was able to give me affirmation that would brighten my day and echo through the days since. Think about that- less than a minute’s effort resulting in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, of encouragement.

Thank you Dave- whoever you are- for taking the time. I’m paying this forward. In the days since this note, I’ve made a more concerted effort to regularly, sincerely offer support to others. And now, dear readers, I’d like to encourage you to pass it on as well, and I’ve come up with some suggestions for how we can do so in less than a minute. What I’m calling The 1 Minute Project:


  • Write a couple of lines on a friend’s wall to “publicly” acknowledge something great they’re doing or recently did.
  • Share a link to a creative project someone’s working on, on your wall with a short endorsement.
  • Go through your Like suggestions, like someone’s page and tell them on their page wall what you like about the project.


  • Send a short email to someone- just a couple of lines- about how you’re grateful for something specific they’ve done for you, or how something they’ve created makes you feel.


  • Pick up the telephone and call or text to leave a short thoughtful message to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Blogs or Websites-

  • Write a brief comment to let the writer know what you liked about their post, or the site in general.
  • Use their contact form to send them an email.


  • Write a personal endorsement of someone for #FollowFriday
  • Tweet at or about someone to remark on something you appreciate in them or their work. Feel free to use the hashtag #1minuteproject so we can all follow the goodness!

Whatever you choose to do, any of the above, or something entirely different, just be sincere. Put into brief action- less than a minute- the things you think but don’t normally take the time to say. Thoughtfulness is contagious- let’s pass it on!

How will you use your minute? Has someone made your day, or more, in less than a minute? Tell me about it! Have your own blog or site? Feel free to write your own 1 Minute Project post to inspire others. :)

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