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I LOVE to travel and I bet you do too, but our ways of traveling may be totally different…and that’s beautiful! Below you’ll find sites by folks who have similar and also very different travel styles from mine. I’m hoping that between my site and these you can find exactly what you’re looking for to inspire you to go go go and be more informed when you do. You’ll also find other types of sites here, because we all have other interests, right? :)

Follow other blogs? Feel free to suggest travel/culture, transportation, green, creative, philanthropic and other sites you love that you think would add to the diversity here.

Write your own blog? I’m always grateful for being linked to, and will consider exchanges- contact me!

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  1. We gotta do this!

  2. I’m going to add you to my links. Hope you’ll do the same!

  3. Hi,
    I am webmaster of a travel website, I liked this website and want my link to be on any place in this website .
    I dont find any webmaster mail id here so please mail me your webmaster mail id or let me know how to get my link placed on this website .

  4. Hi Lorna,
    I’ve just changed platforms and my links didn’t transfer over either so I feel your pain. I’ve now linked to you from my new site, so please link to my site when you have a chance.
    Thanks so much, Laurel

  5. I Visited your website and It’s pretty good so i decided I want link exchange with your website plz contact me with your site detail and your link page

  6. Adding you to my links page right now, would be great to do a swap! : )

  7. I am moody and snarky – so yeah, let’s swap. :)

  8. Hi Lorna, I thought we’d done link exchanges before but I guess not! I’ll add you now!

  9. Hi Lorna, I’m adding you now. :-)

  10. Wow… Looks like a great collection of travel blogs. We just discovered you and look forward to getting to know you and checking out these other travel blogs. Our blog is very new so we enjoy seeing what other successful travel bloggers are doing. We found you because you used StumbleUpon for an Ordinary Traveler post. We started getting to know Christy and Scott in the last month or so. Glad we found you Lorna.

    Take care,

    • thanks so much rafael! i really appreciate you making the leap from stumble upon to my blog and for your kind words here. congrats on starting a blog- i’ll check it out! and hoping we’ll connect through facebook & twitter as well! :)

  11. Hello!

    Feeling happy to view your travel website:) It is really really a fantastic one.
    I am also having a travel website at which is of pr3.
    I am requesting you to add my site in your blogroll (links section) and inform me. i will also add you :)

    The Traveller

  12. Link exchange? ;)

  13. Hi,

    Just like to ask whether you are still interested in link exchanges?

    If so, can you add my blog in your list. I’ll add you back in return once you do.

    Here’s my detail:

    Blog: PauTravels


  14. Just happened upon your blog today, great site and ideas! Look forward to reading more!

  15. Would love to do a link exchange- but will link you anyways because I love your blog!
    Blog is
    Mostly about my travels and years abroad, and finding outdoor adventures in each new place! Keep on writing, love your posts!

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